Ango Sakaguchi

Ango Sakaguchi (1906-1955)

Ango Sakaguchi was seen as the flagman for new literature along with Osamu Dazai, Jyun Ishikawa and Sakunosuke Oda, and also was called outlaw faction and new popular writer. He wrote not only pure literature but also historical stories, mystery novels and literary essays. In 1931, Ango made a debut to literary world encouraged by Makino Shinichi who praised Ango’s Kaze Hakase (“Doctor of Wind”). Through works of Frace ni Tsuite (“About Farce”) and Bungaku no Furusato (“Hometown of Literature”), Ango revealed his own interpretation of Farce literature. Darakuron (“On Decadence”) which he published just after the end of the war made him a popular writer and continued to influence other writers. On Feb. 17, 1955, he died of brain hemorrhage in his home in Kiryu-city.

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Sakaguchi Family Graveyard

Taian-ji Temple Akiba-ku, Nigata-city, Nigata

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