Katai Tayama

Katai Tayama (1871-1930)

One of the representative authors of the naturalistic writing. He learned writing from Koyo Ozaki. His works include “Futon” and “Rural Teacher.” He was also an excellent travel writer. His famous travel essays include “Nansen-hokuba” and “Sankou-suikou.” He also visited hot springs all over Japan and wrote about them. He participated in the writing of “The topography of scenic beauty in Japan” by Hakubunkan publishing, and edited all the twelve volumes of “The new topography of scenic beauty.” Late in life he became religious and left many spiritualistic pieces. At the end of 1928 he was hospitalized due to brain hemorrhage, and then suffered from larynx cancer. He died at home on May 13, 1930.

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Tama reien cemetery