Kaita Murayama

Kaita Murayama (1896-1920)

Murayama preferably read Baudelaire and Rimbaud in his teens and created a lot of poetry as well. He was often compared with Shōji Sekine who is also an artist of his generation; e.g. they both died at the age of 22. But their creative approaches were completely different . Murayama wasn’t really precise in nature, but his outpouring emotions and anxiety reflected on his art works which leave deep and unforgettable impression to the audience. As portrayed in “Teien no Shōjo” (“Girl in the Garden”), “Bara to Shōjo” (“Roses and a Girl”), and “Kosui to Onna” (“The Lake and a Girl”), he often drew female images. He also drew landscape painting such as “Shu no Fūkei” (“Red Scenery”), “Shinshū Fūkei “(“Landscape in Shinshū”), “Matsu no Mure” (“Pine Trees”). Murayama died of tuberculous pneumonia caused by Spanish flu on February 20, 1919.

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Zōshigaya Reien

Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo