Kuniko Mukoda

Kuniko Mukoda (1929-1981)

In 1980, Kuniko Mukoda won the 83rd Naoki Prize for her short stories: Hana no Namae (“The Name of the Flower”), Kawauso (“The Otter”), Inugoya (“Dog House”). She is noted for her essays and other well-known novels including Chichi no Wabijo (” Father’s Letter of Apology”) and Yonaka no Bara (“Midnight Rose”). Mukoda’s mother donated some of Mukoda’s personal belongings to the Kagoshima City Modern Literature Museum which is now part of the museum’s permanent exhibition. In 1983, to honor Mukoda’s achievements, the Kuniko Mukoda Prize was created to be given to outstanding scripts. Even after her death 20 years ago, her works and her independent lifestyle like she face what she likes throughly is getting a lot of attention. August 22, 1981, Mukoda died in a plane crash while touring Miaoli County, Taiwan writing essays.

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Tama Reien Cemetery