Taruho Inagaki

Taruho Inagaki

Taruho Inagaki (1900-1977)

Taruho Inagaki earned the respect of many people like Seigo Matsuoka and Hiroshi Aramata in the postwar period. His work on Issen Ichibyo Monogatari (“One Thousand and One-Second Stories”) received high recognition and Tatsuhiko Shibusawa praised Inagaki’s A Kankaku to V Kankaku (“Sense A and Sense B”). Inagaki declared all of his other works are annotation of his first novel, Issen Ichibyo Monogatari In 1998, English translation of Issen Ichibyo Monogatari was published. He died of acute pneumonia while being treated for colon cancer on Oct 25, 1977.

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