Doppo Kunikida

Doppo Kunikida (1871-1908)

Doppo Kunikida wrote under pseudonyms of Teppusei, Inakamono, Dopposei etc. besides Doppo. After being acquainted with Katai Tayama and Kunio Yanagita, Kunikida published Doppo Gin (“Doppo Poetry”). He wrote poems and novels but gradually became more committed to writing novels. After writing romantic works such as Musashino (“The Musashi Plain”) and Gyuniku to Bareisho (“Beef and Potatos”), Kunikida wrote Unmei Ronsha (“Fatalistic”) and Take no Kido (“The Bamboo Gate”) which made him recognized as the inventor of Japanese naturalism. All of Kunikida’s works are short stories which are collected into six anthologies of short stories: Musashino (“The Musashi Plain”, March 1901, Minyu Publishing), Doppo Shu (“Doppo Collections”, July 1902, Kinji Gaho Publishing), Unnmei (“The Fate”, March 1903, Sakura Shobo), Jin Sei (“Jin Sei”, May 1904, Sai Un Kaku Publishing), Doppo Shu Daini (“Doppo Colletions II”, July 1905, Sai Un Kaku Publishing), and Nagisa (“The Beach”, November 1905, Sai Un Kaku Publishing ). He died of tuberculosis on July 23, 1908.

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